Yesterday was the last day of carnival in my town. I did not want to stop showing you another typical carnival dessert "the cream canes". I assure you that when you try them, they will become a classic, since they are very good. The downside is that they require time, and I lack enough of them and still I did them to know them, although of course, many of you will be fed up with them. I hope you like them because I assure you that they are addicted ...

  1. 2 cups of oil
  2. 2 goblets of muscatel
  3. 13 goblets of flour
  4. Salt
  5. Sugar
  6. Cinnamon
  7. Soft frying oil

  1. 500 g milk
  2. 100 g of sugar
  3. 40 g of cornstarch
  4. The skin of 1/2 lemon span>
  5. The skin of 1/2 orange
  6. 5 egg yolks
  7. a pinch of salt
Preparation of the canes:

We put the the glass the ac eite, Muscat and salt. We mix at speed 5 for a few seconds. Add the flour and amass a few seconds speed 6. Check that the consistency is the desired and add more flour or more liquid, if necessary (it should be a mass easy to stretch as the pie dough) . We remove the mass from the glass and wrap it in transparent film. Let stand 20 minutes.

We cut small pieces of dough, and with the roller we stretch in square. From this square we cut strips of 1 centimeter wide and wind on a cane as in my case or in special molds. We paste the edges with a little water, so that when cooking them they will not have.

Fry the canes in plenty of hot oil, until they are golden brown We remove and place them on absorbent paper. When they have cooled a little we remove the canes and coat them in sugar with cinnamon. We booked.

preparing the cream:

We put the milk in the glass with the sugar and citrus skins and program 10 minutes/90º/speed 1 . We fill the milk and put it back in the glass.

We dissolve the cornstarch in a little cold milk, add it to the milk we have in the glass, add the yolks and salt. We program 4 minutes/90º/speed 4. It has to be thick. We put the cream in a pastry bag with a smooth mouthpiece, and close well. We let that temple. Fill the canes with the cream.

Note: It is not advisable to fill the canes well in advance, since the cream would moisten the canes a little and they would not have that crunch so rich that characterizes them. Tell them that with these amounts come a lot of reeds. You can make half the ingredients. To me they left me and tomorrow they eat the same although of course they will not have the grace that I indicated previously ..